TILT - sort of?

Apr 7, 2009

Well, even though today is a Tuesday I'm not feeling nearly as down as I usually do on these days. And do you know why? Because I get Good Friday off, so really today is more like a Wednesday! I think we should skip Tuesdays every week! Needless to say, I'm liking all sorts of things today. I'm not sure I could narrow it down to a 5 point list! So, here is a random smattering of the things I like today:

  • I love Lincoln Park. The buildings, the atmosphere, the park, the zoo, the conservatory, etc. We were in Chicago for the weekend and explored a little of the area on Saturday.We saw flowers and other green things! We saw cute meerkats and giraffes - all for free! Yes, I certainly like Lincoln Park!
  • I love the John Hancock 96th floor. Having a fabulous s'more dessert, chatting with my honey, overlooking all of the Chicago skyline at night - does it get better than that?
  • I like Priceline. Yay for cheap hotel stays in the nicest of hotels.
  • I like seeing the snow melt (hopefully for the last time this season!!!!). It is annoying to have snow in April, but it just makes you so much more grateful when it is gone.
  • I like short work-weeks and long weekends!
  • I like Portillo's hamburgers. They are really good.
  • I love getting to celebrate Easter - not just with eating Cadbury eggs (although those are fabulous) but with thinking about what it really means and celebrating it all!
  • I like feeling the baby get really active and imagining that it is a response to what I'm talking about at the moment. Kind of weird, I know, but it is fun to say things like "wow, I think baby really wants us to do that" in response to whatever topic is at hand.
  • I like counting the days until we will know (hopefully) the gender of our baby. 8 more days!!
Oh, the list could go on, but it might get boring for some of you! Anyway, its a lovely day and I'm happy it doesn't feel a bit like a Tuesday. Happy Easter week to all of you!


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