Apr 28, 2009

I'd really like to understand how emotions work. Do you know what I mean? Somedays you wake up, glad to be alive and generally at peace with things in the world. And other days, you just want to throw in the towel and crawl back in bed. I'd like to know what happens in our brains over night that seems to reset them into a different mode. All that to say, despite it being Tuesday, I'm actually in a pretty decent mood today. I guess that makes up for being a little grumpy-pants over the last few days. I could blame it on pregnancy-hormones, but really I just think I've been focused on the negative things and just being overall critical. No good. So, I'm thankful for the change in pace and hope that I can hang onto the positive attitude! On to the Things I Like this Thursday!

1. My new Bible. Really? This makes my top five? I mean, how many Bibles do I own? Oh yes. I am an addict. It is a good thing that I work at a publisher, otherwise I'd break the bank with my habit. So, I'm super excited that the beautiful feminine cover of my favorite Study Bible just came in. And it is mine. Yay!

2. My family. Again, it may seem redundant since I am always thankful for and "in-like" with my family. But, it seems to be particularly strong the past few days. I've been thinking a lot about my childhood (seeing as I'm about to raise a child of my own), and for what a loving family I grew up in. I love that my sister is pregnant at the same time as me (WOOHOO!!!!) and that we get to experience this whole thing together. We're close in age, so it just wouldn't seem right to be doing something without her. Love ya, sis! Feel better soon!

3. Spring. I wish I could show you how beautiful the trees and flowers are this time of year. Honestly, taking a picture would just not do it justice. I never knew trees bloomed until moving to the Midwest, and I just can't get enough of it.

4. My Little Nugget. There has been a whole lot of moving and shaking going on in my belly. It is really quite amusing most of the time. We still don't know much about him/her (did I mention that he/she managed to keep his/her gender a secret? Sneaky little nugget. Kept legs closed the whole ultrasound!), but we are definitely in love. I'm even allowing myself to buy a few pieces of clothing here and there. And dream a little about the baby's room. Sigh.

5. The House. Yep, that's right - we go it! They accepted our offer on Friday and we are just too thrilled! Obviously there are a lot of other hurdles to go through (or over, preferably!), but this first step is just amazing. We had the home inspection on Monday and so far, so good. No serious problems. Just one 2-bed, 1-bath charming Bungalow waiting for a little love. I'll show pictures at some point, but I really don't like the decor currently and would rather wait until it is my own! Anyway, we are super excited!


Kirra Sue Sutton said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe you guys have a home. We definitely need to catch up. I can't wait to see it!

Rochelle said...

You're so cute. :) What a great list!

Alex and Leah Panos said...

Aww, very cute, and thanks for the shout-out! :) So excited to see you (and a little belly evidence of the nugget?) very soon! Love you. ;)

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