Baby Shower Pics

May 26, 2009

Well, I'm still off on vacation, but couldn't resist sharing some of the pictures from the lovely baby shower I received last Saturday. What an outpouring of love for this little baby inside me! It was truly a blessing to get to see friends and family (that I don't get to see often enough!) and to have them share in celebrating this young life. Enjoy!

Here are the adorable cupcakes that baby's great-grandmother made (so yummy!) and my mom decorated.

The table before it was filled with food. Really good food, I might add!

Opening some presents. This one was particularly appropriate since the dad-to-be is a photographer.

The great-grandmother-to-be showering baby with lots of love and handmade warm blankets!

The other great-grandmother-to-be (my grandma and who I am named after) sharing some more handmade goodness. (Are you beginning to see why I like crafting so much?)

Grandma's and great grandma's on both sides of the family.Have I mentioned my sister is pregnant too? She isn't showing yet but here is the proud grandma loving on the two little buns-in-the-oven!

It was such a beautiful shower and I am really blown away by all the generosity. Our baby will never have to question whether or not he is loved!


Brian and Monica Gee said...

hey, that's fun to see! i can't wait to get you back, though! i looooove you!

Busy Nothings said...

You look great! Aren't showers so much fun?! Congratulations! You are in for a lot of fun :)

Kirra Sue said...

Monica it all looks so great! YOU look so gorgeous! Can't wait to see you soon sweet friend! I am so glad you are with your momma and sister! How special! Happy Baby Shower- yah!!!!

Rochelle said...

Awww! What lovely pics, thanks for sharing! Those last two pics are especially special. :) Seriously awwwwwwwwww!!!! I love it!!!!!

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