TILT (with an announcement!)

May 12, 2009

Ah, this is another one of those glorious weeks where Tuesday hardly feels like Tuesday at all. I took yesterday off since we had family in town. It is so nice to know that the week is well on its way and I don't have to get bogged down in the fact that it is a Tuesday! Lots of stuff going on lately, so there is much to be thankful for!

1. I love the fact that my husband is officially done with his Master's degree! Woohoo!! He "commenced" on Saturday and I couldn't be prouder! Not to mention, it is really nice to have the hubster free from homework and our bank account free from tuition payments!

2. I love family. It was so nice to have Brian's parents and grandparents out for a few days. Nothing else quite compares to spending time with family.

3. I like that everything with our house seems to moving along nicely. Just a few more weeks until closing. Hopefully everything continues to fall into place like it has!

4. I like that I am just one week away from a vacation! I'll be spending over a week in CA visiting my family and hopefully doing something about this pasty white skin! Oh, and maybe eating some In-N-Out!

5. Finally (drumroll please), I am loving the fact that our little Baby has finally decided to cooperate during an ultrasound! I love that we are having a Baby BOY!!


Monica said...

Oh my gosh Monica Gee!!! I don't check your site for a while, and all of a sudden you've got not just a baby, but a boy coming! WOW! Congrats!!! :D How far along are you?

Kirra Sue said...

I love that you love all of those things! Have a great time in CA! Does Brian get to go with you?!

Rachel said...


Monica Gee said...

Thanks for the Congrats everyone! We are super excited! Unfortunately Brian isn't coming with me to CA, but it will be really good to spend some serious mama-daughter time!

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