May 19, 2009

So it is another not-so-bad Tuesday for me. I'm leaving for a trip to California tomorrow evening, so I'm not complaining one bit about the 3-day work week! I'll be gone until the 29th, so there will probably be some sparse posting while I'm gone. Anyway, it is a gorgeous day here in Chicagoland which is all the more reason to post about the Things I Like Today!

I like . . .

. . . my new template. Don't you? I finally decided to do the legwork to find a template that I really like. It required me to re-do some of the information on the sidebar, but it was worth the extra effort. I think this template is an extension of my design style and I'm so happy with how it turned out. If you see any random bugs, do let me know.

. . . headbands/scarfs. Whatever you want to call them, if you can tie them around your (wait, that would be "my"!) unruly hair and turn into a somewhat manageable curly-do, then I like 'em! With the humidity coming back into the air, my hair just won't stay straight like it does in the winter. As long as there is some way to tame the mess, I'm OK with the curls!

. . . canasta. Wait, how old am I? Seriously though, you don't have to be retired to enjoy a good game of canasta. Its the perfect combination of luck, skill, and partnership. Even though my hubby and I don't make the best team, its a lot of fun!

. . . flow-y skirts. No, I didn't mean to type "flowery." I like skirts that have the twirl factor and make you feel just a little bit more feminine as you attempt not to waddle under the weight of a pregnant belly. Plus, they usually have elastic waistbands which is also a must these days!

. . . eating lunch outside. I definitely under appreciated eating outside in school. For 12+ years of my life I ate lunch outside almost every day, and completely took it for granted. Now, whenever the weather is remotely welcoming, I'm outside on the patio with my lunch, soaking in any warmth that can be found.

I hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday!


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