Is it really Tuesday?

Jun 2, 2009

Wow-- is time flying by! I have been busily getting adjusted to being home again and it suddenly occurred to me that Tuesday is almost over and I hadn't even realized it was here! As you could see from the brief pictures from the shower, my trip to California was fabulous. I had such a good time with family and friends. Unfortunately, life doesn't just slow down for vacations and the 8 days were over before I knew it! There was some crafting involved, so I'll be sharing pictures of that soon.

Speaking of life not slowing down . . . I'm now in my 27th week of pregnancy which puts me on the border of my third trimester. Crazy! Just 13 more weeks to go! In the past week my tummy has doubled in size (according to my approximations!), reminding me that I should get going on all the projects I have planned for this little one.

Anyway, this week's things I like Tuesday is a breeze - I like being a homeowner! We officially closed on our house yesterday and got right to work ripping off horrid wallpaper and fake wood paneling. I couldn't be happier about it! We've got a lot of work to do, but hubby and I enjoy this type of thing together so it really seems more like fun! I'll post some pictures soon of the work in progress!

Well, I could say much more, but time continues to skip away and I have a ton to do. So, for now, I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday and I'll be back soon!


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