Serger Update

Jun 29, 2009

Remember my beautiful refurbished serger from a month or so ago (actually, I think it is longer than that, oh my!)? The poor thing has been dreadfully neglected since I brought it home from CA. With all the house stuff, it just hasn't received its proper attention. I must admit though, part of the reason for the neglect is due to a bit of trepidation on my part. This thing is intimidating! Well, never fear, the folks at Sew, Mama, Sew have all sorts of helpful hints on their hands. Today's post was specifically about getting starting on a serger, and I highly recommend it! Now I gotta give my old gal a try and experiment with all I've learned.

(On another note, I'm sorry the links on my posts have been so inconspicuous lately! I'm still getting used to this new template, and I've been told that unless you have the mouse directly over the link, it is hard to tell where it is! I had my tech-savvy hubby change the color on the links, so hopefully all is well again. Let me know if there are any other changes I should be making to make your experience here more enjoyable. Thanks!)


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