Things I Like - July 4th edition

Jun 30, 2009

I've never been a huge fan of the Fourth of July as a holiday. Not to say I don't appreciate what it stands for, its just never been a huge thing for me. My birthday is the first (yipes, that's tomorrow!), so that has always eclipsed the holiday for me. But, I do want to give the holiday a little attention, and list some of the things that I really do like about July 4th.

1. Peppermint Ice Cream. Yes, that definitely if the first thing I think of when it comes to July 4th! Growing up, we would make our own peppermint ice cream, turning that grinder on the ice cream maker for what seemed like hours! Now I do it the easy way with my fancy ice cream maker - 20 or 30 minutes and its done with no manual churning necessary!

2. A Day Off. Let's be honest, some holidays are more exciting because they provide one day off of work. Incidentally, that makes this a short week! Probably why I'm not in a funk over it being Tuesday!

3. BBQ's. I think I appreciate these a lot more now than when I lived in CA. Going to a BBQ is something like a laugh in the face to Winter. Every opportunity to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and fire up the grill is a little celebration for the season of Summer. Side note: I do think it is funny that in the Midwest there really is only one type of barbecue - burgers and brats. In CA, people might have salmon, grilled veggies or fruit, kebabs, etc.

4. Fireworks. I'm not obsessed with fireworks, but I do think they are pretty cool. I especially enjoy it when the show is coordinated with music.

5. Freedom. OK, maybe this should have been at the top of the list! I don't feel more patriotic or particularly free on July 4th, but I am thankful for the freedoms we experience in the States. I've traveled enough to know we are an extremely privileged people. I don't think America is the Promised Land, nor do I put my hope in being an American, but I am thankful for the freedoms we experience daily. That is truly a reason to celebrate!


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