Adventures in Curtain-Making

Jul 9, 2009

Now that we are moved in (yay!), its time to get started on some fun sewing projects to warm up our space and make it feel more like home. Top of the list: get some curtains for the bedroom. Really folks, it is necessary to have some sort of window covering in the bedroom. I'm not talking about having fabulously stylish valances and such, I just mean something basic that will shut out the light, as well as the peeping-toms! We've been making due with some strategically taped garbage bags, but my hopes are to remedy that situation soon.

Today, Hubby made a trip to the home decor fabric section of Hobby Lobby with me. Much to our surprise, the fabric we chose is one that I've worked with on another project. My dear friend needed some curtains (well, it should actually still be present tense "needs" as we haven't quite finished the final curtain yet!), and we chose the exact same fabric as she did! The sewing part of curtains is easy, but I still haven't quite figured out the best way to estimate how much fabric I'll need and what I want the finished thing to look like.

So, I figured y'all might have some tips for me. From what I can tell, I add at least 8" to what I want the finished length to be. This allows for turning up the end, as well as making a pocket for the rod. It's the width that I struggle with. I know it all depends on how "bunchy" you want the fabric to look (both closed and opened), but it seems like there should be some magic formula. Anyone know it? I'll keep you updated on the progress and maybe even *gasp* a photo of the finished thing!


Busy Nothings said...

I have heard that for super bunchy, you do double the width of the window, and for just semi bunchy, you do one and a half the width. Good luck. I bet they will turn out great! You always do such a good job on your projects :)

Rochelle said...

are you serious?! neato!!!! :) i was taking a big swig of my Pepsi as i was reading that you picked out the same ones and i nearly spit the Pepsi out, i was so surprised! we have great taste!!!! :)

true, we're not done, but you've only been a tad busy! ;) we'll get there eventually. in the meantime, enjoy making yours, i'm sure it'll be so nice to have some coverings in the bedroom. that would totally creep me out.

Katie Newman said...

I hope the 'peeping-tom' comment was just hypothetical... :O yikes!

:) Can't wait to see the curtains

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