Easy Couch Make-Over: Pillows!

Jul 16, 2009

Let's be honest - it doesn't always pay to make your own stuff. Sometimes you really can find a better deal on the finished product than on what it would cost to purchase the fabric. I try to buy most of my fabric on sale or with coupons, but sometimes even that doesn't pay off. It's a little embarrassing to admit that I (craft-addict that I am) purchased finished curtains for my living room rather than making my own. It's not because I'm incapable, I just happened to find an incredible deal on curtains that I really like.

Never fear! I didn't let all my sewing skills lay dormant in the living room. I ended up with an extra curtain panel and decided to re-purpose the fabric to make matching pillows for the couch. It is amazing what two new pillows will do to spruce up a couch! I even managed to reuse some pillows that I already had, so the project was free except for the zipper! In this case, making it myself definitely paid off. The pillows are a little hard to make out in this picture, but you can see the two accent pillows are made from the same fabric as the curtains. Spiffy, no?


Katie Newman said...

I love it....it looks awesome! And it gives me great relief to hear that even you don't find everything hand-made to be cheaper :)

Alex and Leah Panos said...

Love the photo, a little peek of your new place! Can't wait to see more pictures of the finished product!

Rochelle said...

very spiffy indeed!!!

Rachel said...

everything is looking really great!!

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