It's a Love/Hate Thing

Jul 13, 2009

I started working on my new curtains this weekend. My little sewing corner hasn't been unpacked and organized, so for now I'll be using the dining room table for my endeavors. I am definitely reveling in the joys of having a full dining room table to cut out fabric (in our previous apartment such large tasks were relegated to the floor)!

(*Side Note* - don't you think the dining room is turning out to be just lovely? I know this is just a small sampling, but that beautiful white bay window, the chair rail, color choice, and most of all dining room table are just divine!)

Anyway, I was happy with the amount of fabric that I purchased and how each cut panel looked next to the window. So that's a relief! After getting the fabric all pinned and situated, I made my first attempt at overlocking on my new machine. I even took a picture to commemorate the moment!

Unfortunately, the moment was short lived and after beautifully overlocking one side, my machine all of sudden came to a stand still. I ended up having to take it to the Bernina dealer in my area, only to find that it looks like some screws came loose on the inside. Well, that's what traveling and moving will do! My poor little machine is now waiting for a technician to make a repair, and then hopefully we'll be back on track with the curtains! Here is to hoping your projects are going more smoothly than mine!


Rochelle said...

So exciting. :) Hope your machine gets fixed soon. I'm so excited for you and to see the finished project! And then maybe one day when your life slows down, we can finish mine too. ;)

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