New Fabric

Jul 8, 2009

It is pretty rare that I buy fabric on a whim. I usually have a specific project in mind when I make my purchases. I'm not sure what got into me (maybe I was just too into the birthday spirit), but last week I placed an order for some fabric that I have absolutely no idea how I'll use. Well, that is mostly true. Most of them are fabrics that I want to use in the baby's room or for baby related things -- I just don't have a specific plan mapped out for them. Anyway, they are supposed to come tomorrow and I can't wait! Here are some of my purchases:

How could you not love these little guys? I can't decide what I like best about this pattern, but I think it might be the trees. So fun!

Have you seen this fabric line (Lily Pond) yet? I just love the whole thing. If I were having a girl I'd order all of them and make a really fun quilt. But, for now, this more neutral one will have to do!

This one I actually do have a plan for. I'm thinking a totally awesome hawaiian shirt and possibly a full cabana outfit (i.e. hawaiian shirt plus matching short). Totally corny, but if anyone can pull it off it is a little dude who's mama comes from CA!

Polka dots. Does it get any better?

Can you tell how I love these colors and polka dots?

Anyway, have you made any spur-of-the-moment fabric purchases lately? Where have you been shopping and finding great deals? I purchased these from JCaroline Creative and they were all on sale - woohoo!


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