TILT - 7/14/09

Jul 14, 2009

It's definitely one of those weeks where I woke up thinking it was Wednesday, only to come to the sad realization that it is indeed, just Tuesday. Yesterday was so full of activity -- it should have counted for two days! Anyway, I had a bit of a rough sleeping night due to a doorbell mishap at around 2 in the morning. We're not quite sure what happened, but for some reason the doorbell started dinging away all by itself. My hubby even went out to check if we were the victims of a prank, but no one was standing there and it was still ringing away. A little disconcerting, but better than it could've been I suppose! On to some bright thoughts for the morning to keep this day rolling along.

1. This week I am loving that our kitchen remodel is now underway! We ordered the cabinets about 5 weeks ago and now they are here and in process of being installed. Even better, they are just as beautiful and perfect as I imagined they would be! We ordered through HOBO (Homeowner Buyers Outlet, I believe) and our Kountry Kraft cabinets couldn't be better. I can't find our exact cabinets on the website, but they are pretty similar to this style:

2. Packages. I love getting packages! With a baby on the way and a recent birthday, I've had a few surprise packages come in the mail lately and they always make my day. Actually, mail in general is just splendid. I'm grateful for all that technology can do, but I do wish we'd get back to old fashioned letter-writing every once in awhile. Seriously, a letter will brighten up my day like an e-mail never could!

3. Soap Nuts. OK, I can't say for sure whether or not I really like these, because I actually haven't tried them yet. But I can say that I am liking the idea of them! I read about these on Passionate Homemaking, and they really make a lot of sense. As soon as I'm able, I'm going to try these out and see how they work. I'll definitely let you know.

4. These lovely bowls from Anthropologie. A dear friend gave them to me last night and I can't wait to start using them (actually, we did try them out last night with some ice cream!). They are just so simple and functional, but still adorable! Perfecto!
5. Lastly, I am super thankful for my friends right now. Everyone has been so practically helpful and thoughtful during this crazy transition time. I've had people bring me meals, clean my house/apartment, help us move, paint, etc. We couldn't have done it all without them! Thanks everyone!


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