Wednesday WIP

Jul 15, 2009

I'm not guaranteeing in anyway that this will be a regular Wednesday post, but I like alliteration so it works for me! This week brings a lot of work-in-progress to my house. So I thought I'd show a little snapshot of whats going on.

Here is what's "cooking" in my kitchen. These two amazing men are transforming a 1927 kitchen into this glorious masterpiece. That's the hubster drilling (or something, I'm not the expert!) everything into place, and his grandpa is showing him the ropes (he is the expert!). I know I've said a lot of little things about the home renovation and how much work it is -- but I don't think I've given enough credit to these two guys for everything they've done. Pop has been here since the beginning of June (away from family in CA), working day in and day out on our house. Brian's been by his side as much as possible. Seriously guys, we've done a WHOLE house remodel (demolition, drywall, electrical, plumbing, painting, molding, etc) in just over 6 weeks. There is still some work to be done but wow. That is just amazing! I love these guys and couldn't be more thankful for all the work they've done!

OK, after that, my little work-in-progress is miniscule -- but since I'm 8 months pregnant (really?? when did that happen!) you'll have to give me a little slack. Yes, I realize there are still garbage bags covering some windows and that my entire kitchen has exploded in the dining room and baby's room, and that there are dozens of boxes in the basement -- but when has that ever stopped a girl from quilting? Those little fabric chains to the left of my machine will soon be a part of baby's quilt. It is coming together so quickly and I just love the fabric. I'll do a little post when it is done, because there are quite a few flaws in the pattern that I'd like to correct for y'all.

Anyway, that's what is in progress around my place! What are you working on today?


Sherah said...

Beautiful cabinets!! That is super exciting :) It'll be done before you know it!

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