Aug 20, 2009

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a problem with some textures in food. Generally mushy type foods (i.e., apple sauce, cheesecake, etc.) just aren't appealing to me. I really don't mind the taste of bananas, but unfortunately because of their texture they fall into the unlikable "mushy" category. But, my husband does like the forlorn fruit, so we occasionally have them on hand. Since there is only one banana-eater in our house a bunch (bushel? cluster?) of bananas tend to go bad before we get through the whole batch. Enter: Banana Bread.

Yesterday as I was catching up on my usual blog reading, I came across a post on Elizabeth Carroll's blog about Banana Bread. Not just any kind of Banana Bread though, that was about Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread. Did you just say the word "chocolate" to a pregnant woman? Oh my. So, of course, as soon as I got home from work I could be found whipping together all the ingredients for this masterpiece. And let me tell you, it was a masterpiece. Yum.

In conclusion, if you have any over-ripe bananas in the house, run (don't walk!) to the pantry and get started on this recipe. Seriously, it was that good.


Anonymous said...

So glad you liked it! Also, you can freeze overripe bananas if you can't get to making banana bread right away!

Alex and Leah Panos said...

Interesting! I'm not much of a baker, but we do have the same people with bananas getting old too quickly at our house. Thanks for posting the recipe.

Rochelle said...

I'm so glad you tried it and liked it! And got to use an oven to boot! :)

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