Diaper Wipes Extraordinaire!

Aug 10, 2009

I've briefly mentioned my interest in cloth diapering at different points on this blog. Since this blog is mainly about crafts (although, lately it hasn't been about much of anything since I've been so bad about posting!!!), I haven't gone into that whole area of my life. And, to be honest, I'm a little intimidated by the whole thing and don't want to make a loud, public commitment to cloth diapering only to find that I just can't do it. I'm going to try, don't get me wrong, but we'll just have to see how it goes.

Anyway, with that disclaimer, let me share with you my cloth diaper wipes! I think I'll use these regardless if the cloth diapering thing sticks (hopefully, no pun intended), because they seem to make so much sense and will help save some extra money. Plus, I think they actually clean much better than their disposable cousin. Fabric (in my case, terry cloth) just seems to be able to grab the grime a little better to keep that little bum clean. I haven't experimented with a solution yet, but am planning on using this recipe from Elizabeth Carroll's blog. So, without further ado - here are my first diaper wipes made using my lovely serger.

After my last experience, I am a little shy about changing the thread again, but I think the brown thread actually is kind of fun! I'll either spray on the solution or soak these in a container for easy access and use. Now I just can't wait for that baby bum to arrive so I can try them out!


Bonnie said...

I started using cloth diapers and wipes when my daughter was about 3 months old... the diapers we have come to use only when we are around home or not going out for very long, mainly because they wick moisture if too wet or pressure is on them in the wrong place when she pees - they have saved us a lot of money though as we go through a lot less disposibles. The cloth wipes, however, I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I choose them over disposibles whenever I can and as far as solution goes I just wet them in the bathroom when its changing time, the water has worked well for us and except for teething time we don't seem to have any diaper rash issues. The other plus about wetting them as you use them is that during the winter you can make them nice and warm. I know some people like wipe warmers but unless you are planning on using tea tree or lavender essential oil in the solution you might have to be concerned about bacterial growth. Good luck with the cloth!

Rachael said...

I used nearly the exact same thing for my bubs, but mine were made from flannelette. We would wet them with warm water under the tap when needed. I hadn't planned on using these, but my first daughter had the nastiest nappy (diaper) rash when we used disposable wipes.

Darning Diva said...

Cute! I like the brown edge. It gives them interest! I actually use a baby oil, baby soap and essential oils mixture to spray on the wipes at changing time. I found that cloth wipes are so much more efficient than disposables that I wasn't going through them fast enough and they would sit in the tub and get musty.

As for cloth diapering, our guy just grew into his. I *really* love them, but it seems that my soaker layer isn't absorbent enough so he leaks a little bit through the legs if I don't change him quick enough. I just ordered some new material to fix that problem though. :)

If you decide to cloth diaper, you're more than welcome to use my pattern so you don't have to buy one.

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