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Aug 6, 2009

Hello Crafty Friends! I am Monica's friend Katie (also from Belles Lettres Designs) doing a guest post for her today.

Monica and her husband have almost completely remodeled their house in the last several weeks, and have been extremely busy- as you can imagine.

The fun part? She has made so many cute things for their home, from pillows in the living room, curtains in the bedroom, bedding for their crib, and a new sewing area in the guest room!

So, I am here to show you a small glimpse of the fun sewing area she has set up. These photos are only from my iPhone... so she'll have to treat you to much nicer photos in the future :)

Lots of thread

More super-fun thread colors

The baby's's coming along!

A cute fabric I found and decided to share with you ;)

Her business card...don't forget to visit her cute Etsy shop folks.
She has some very fun purses, clutches, wallets and more on there for great prices!

And, seriously, an awesome wall of cutting tools, rulers, etc.

Ok, let's be honest. I am not a sewer... and all of the sewing projects I have done Monica has helped me with :) So, I may have gotten a lot (maybe all?) of the terminology wrong... but I knew you'd enjoy the photos and the update on your favorite Bolsa Chica.


Rochelle said...

You're awesome, Katie :). Excellent job!

Alex and Leah Panos said...

This was very sweet, Katie. I've been dying to see the final outcome of their new home, so I appreciate the sneak-peek! What a thoughtful friend. :)


Monica Gee said...

Isn't Katie the best? Check out her fabulous calligraphy blog to learn more about her:

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