Much Ado About Slings

Aug 12, 2009

A few months ago I wrote about my discovery of using slings to carry babies. I can't get the idea quite out of my head, so I've decided to give it a go and make one. I just happen to have the perfect fabric left over from another project. That makes this sling my favorite type of project -- practical, stylish, and free!

Now, the only difficulty is nailing down which tutorial I'd like to follow. I've found a few good candidates, but would love to hear if any of you have had experience making a pouch-style sling of your own. This one on the blog Sew Much Ado is the one I'm thinking of making. So, any thoughts or insights into the world of baby slings?


Jen said...

If you like the look of the New Native carriers, they are REALLY easy to replicate. My mil sent me one for my newest baby and I took one look at it and had another one sewn up within 30 minutes. (He's sleeping in it right now while I type!) I'm also going to make a Moby wrap out of an old king sized jersey knit bedsheet I have, and the instructions for those are online in a bunch of places. Email me if you want details making the NN carrier!

Monica Gee said...

Jen - I like those New Native carriers! They are exactly what I'm thinking about! I'd love any tips you could provide in making it. If I had one I feel like I could replicate it, but starting from scratch is a little intimidating! :-) Thanks for your help.

Alex and Leah Panos said...

My friend (Jenny)'s sister actually has a business making slings that work for newborns and toddlers. Unfortunately, she hasn't restocked her slings because she just had baby #4, so there isn't a lot to look at on her website, but here it is anyway:
If you click on 'baby slings' and then click on 'gallery,' you can at least get an idea of all cute fabrics and ways to carry the little one (
If you could see one in person, I think it'd be really easy for you to make. It's literally a long piece of fabric (maybe a foot and half wide) sewn together to make a circle (or is it cylinder?) and then folded inside of itself once. The newborns lay in the trough and then the bigger babies sit between your body and the double-layered fabric and hang their feet out.
Sorry I don't know much about sewing (or slings), so my explanation probably doesn't make any sense. Anyway, it's a cute idea. She gave a fleece, zebra-print one. :)

Jen said...

Yes Monica, you can definitely replicate it! I can draw instructions on paper, save it as a jpeg and then email it to you if that works? I didn't see your email address on your page though. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

I have one for you that will be on its way soon. Hope you like it.

Gram said...

Monica, the comment about the sling
signed anonymous is from me.

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