Aug 18, 2009

In a way, this is my last "Things I Like Tuesday". I started this semi-weekly post in order to liven up my least favorite day of the week. Now that I'm moving from a 40-hour a week job to being a stay at home mom, I wonder if I will still have this same distaste for Tuesdays. I guess we'll have to see! I've never really had an unstructured work week, so we'll see how I do.

Anyway, this week it is really easy to come up with a "Thing I Like": It's my last week at work! My husband reminded me that next Tuesday instead of dragging myself out of bed and to the office, I could enjoy the morning in my pj's and curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and a book if I so choose. I don't think most of my mornings will look like that (after all, being a stay at home mom is a TON of work!), but it is nice to know it is an option every once and awhile! Of course, all my plans could be foiled if little mister decides to show up before next Tuesday. But, I think that would be the best Tuesday of all!


Darning Diva said...

how exciting that you'll get to stay home with your little bundle. Such a blessing!

Gram said...

That would be the best Tuesday of all for sure. Love ya. Gramanda

Rochelle said...

This made me laugh today in seeing your comments about this Tuesday. So much for that! So happy for you guys!!! Congrats & welcome to the world baby Parker. :)

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