Fall is in the air (and on my table)

Sep 23, 2009

A few weeks ago I made a trip to the local Crate and Barrel Outlet. This place is awesome! They actually sell fabric that has been used in the previous season's products. If you know anything about Crate and Barrel (and like their style as much as I do), this would be super exciting news! Not only is the fabric gorgeous, they sell it for a fraction of the normal price. So, I found a lovely piece and just new it needed to be made into a table runner for Fall!

I think it turned out lovely and can't believe it would have cost over $70 if I had paid full price for the fabric. Instead, I've got Crate and Barrel style for Walmart price! It is also helping me get in a fall-ish mood with the gold and deep red colors. I think this will pair nicely with a turkey for Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

We have a Crate and Barrel outlet near us and I keep meaning to visit so I can check out their fabric but I keep getting distracted by other things! Lovely table runner! One of these days I need to make one...

Rochelle said...

awesome! that looks terrific. :)

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