Happy Heiny

Sep 12, 2009

Now that Parker is a little bigger and is past the meconium stage, we are officially starting cloth diapering. We decided on using Happy Heinys and are really pleased with them. I've actually been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use cloth. I can honestly say it is no more gross than using disposable diapers.

Plus, Parker is unspeakably cute in the new dipes! Wouldn't you agree?

So here is our stash piled next to the changing pad. We went with 22 of the one size pocket diapers. They are a little on the bulky side since Parker is so small, but seem like they'll fit him for longer than the Bum Genius 3.0.

So here we go! Diaper spray is installed; diaper pail is lined; and cloth wipes are ready to be sprayed. World of fluff - here we come!


Anonymous said...

Haven't tried happy heiny's yet! I'll have to give them a try! I just got one of the fuzzi buns AIO pocket diapers and really like how customizable the sizes are! We'll see how well they work!

And I love that onesie that Parker is wearing! Jude had the same one but grew out of it so quickly! Your son is so cute! Enjoy this time, it certainly seemed to fly by for us - we were just reminiscing today about how much smaller he was just a month ago…

Rochelle said...

delighted for you! i'm very interested to learn how all this goes. :)

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