Practical Sewing

Sep 20, 2009

Not all crafting is for aesthetics -sometimes you craft with function over form.

Exhibit A:

"What is this?", you might ask. Well, this is a dark room in process. The hubster is creating his own little haven for film processing in an unfinished part of our basement (hence the huge pipe running through the middle of the room). My role? Well, apparently it is essential for a dark room to be really dark. Go figure?! So, I'm making blackout curtains to prevent stray light from entering the space.

Not exactly my favorite project ever, but it is serving a very useful purpose for the hubster. And that makes me happy! Any practical crafting going on in your corner of the universe?


Sherah said...

You're doing all this with a 3-week old? You are my hero ;)

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