A wall-hanging for Parker

Sep 15, 2009

While I was in early labor I got a crazy urge to work on a wall-hanging for over Parker's crib. I guess I don't get cleaning urges like normal people. Instead I quilt! Anyway, I used a mixture of leftover pieces from his big quilt and random fabric I had on hand (you might recognize some from earlier posts about fabric).

I decided to tie the quilt rather than sew the layers together. My mom came out for two weeks after Parker came, so she helped me finish up the quilt and we tied it together as a family.

My mom is a part of a quilt ministry at church where they tie quilts as a group and pray for the recipient. It is pretty cool. We decided to do this for Parker so everytime we look at the ties we are reminded of the prayers on his behalf. Something I need to be reminded of daily!


Rochelle said...

so cool! :)

Anonymous said...

I sewed in early labor too! :) and didn't clean…

lovely quilt and lovely idea with the prayer ties!

Rachel said...

it looks great!! the whole room is adorable!

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