Taste of Fall

Oct 29, 2009

Sewing isn't the only thing going on around here. In between feeding the kiddo (which he does a LOT of, 15 lbs at 8 weeks!), diaper changes, sewing, cleaning, etc -- I've managed to do a little experimenting in the kitchen. My hubby's favorite fall food is Apple Cider Donuts, so I knew I had to try it out when I saw a recipe on Smitten Kitchen.

These things were amazing! I don't usually like donuts, but I couldn't keep from sneaking a few of these. I thought that making donuts might be a challenge, but it actually is really simple. As long as you have all the tools (it took forever to find a donut cutter!), it is fairly quick and painless. Oh, and super yummy!


Rochelle said...

definitely super yummy! should i ask to babysit more often on the same day you guys are making these awesome pieces of deliciousness??... hmmmmm...... ;)

hey, nice picture :)

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