Craft Show Follow Up

Nov 7, 2009

Thanks for all of you who stopped by to support my show!
It actually was a pretty fun night. I can tend to be pretty intimidated by craft shows, since I'm not much of a salesperson. There was a good turnout and I had a lot of really great feedback from people. It was also exciting to see all the networking that went on - both for me and my husband. It is the first craft show I've done in my neighborhood so it was great to run into people that I knew, both as vendors and as shoppers. Sales weren't the best, but I had a lot of fun and am glad that I was able to take part.
And Parker was a good boy, too! He hung in there until the very end when he had a little meltdown - he was sooo tired. He seems to have recovered and I even got a fairly good nights sleep!
Anyway, I didn't get around to loading a picture of some of the last products I finished up right before the show, so here they are:

After I took that picture I even got one last purse in during Parker's afternoon nap:

So, all that to say, my store is now stocked with lots of new stuff! Let the holiday shopping commence! And don't forget, I'm happy to take custom orders - including adding monograms or names to any product. Just let me know what I can make for you!


Alex and Leah Panos said...

Yay, the Bolsa Chica is back up and running! Glad it was a good night for the whole family!

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