Hooded Towels

Jan 29, 2010

At one of my baby showers, a lovely lady from church gave me a homemade hooded towel. While I thought it was cute and extremely thoughtful, I didn't realize how essential this item would become. Most store bought towels are smaller, meant for newborns. As you know, my chunky kid skipped the small stage and went straight to being a big boy! So, this particular hooded towel has become the only one that fits him!

Cute, right? Well, it's actually very simple to make using a store bought towel, wash cloth, and ribbon. I decided I had to try it out and make a Christmas gift for little Zoe. Her nickname has been Zoe Zebra, so I used a zebra print towel, black wash cloth, and pink ribbon. It came out super cute!

And she makes it look even better! If anyone is interested in a tutorial, I'd be happy to post one!


Rochelle said...

Sooo cute on both of them!!!

Elizabeth said...

Very cute! I actually was thinking about these the other day because I don't have hooded towels for Jude - I've just been using a beach towel. I'd love to see a tutorial!

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