Christmas Aprons

Feb 1, 2010

Really? I'm still posting about Christmas -- in February!? Sorry, folks! Things just take a little longer with a kiddo. In fact, it took me about five minutes to type this one-handed while using my other hand to make sure my little man doesn't drag the laptop off the desk. Wiggly worm! Yes, he's gotten to the point where he wants to hold everything, and of course everything goes straight into his mouth! You should see him stare at our food -- he can't wait to start eating some of his own. Patience, young one, just a few more weeks! I am so excited to get started on making my own baby food! Yippee! Now, how did I get on this tangent anyway?

Ah, yes, Christmas presents. Well, this year most of our Christmas presents were homemade, which I was very excited about. I love putting time and energy into the presents I give people. I love thinking about them while I'm crafting and putting love into every detail. My husband's parents always host a big Christmas brunch, so aprons were a no-brainer for them. I made a butcher style apron for Gary, and a little more feminine/vintage style apron for Cyndi. (I also made one for my fabulous sister-in-law who is a really great cook, but I didn't get a picture of her). So here they are, being modeled on Christmas Eve by the infamous brunch hosts themselves!

I made up the patterns using different free tutorials on the internet as my guide. As you can see, I also utilized my embroidery machine and added their names. I had a lot of fun making these and will definitely be making them again -- maybe I'll even made once for myself, or my little chef!


Elizabeth said...

Haha! Yes, everything goes in the baby's mouth. Our cat goes in the baby's mouth, it gets kinda ridiculous!

Love the aprons - such a great gifts! I wish we would have had more time to go handmade this year for Christmas but it just didn't quite happen. :)

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